What people are saying

Our goal from the beginning was a happy and healthy baby, and perhaps the most important lesson you taught us was that we always had the right to say no in order to look after L’s body. We thank you for everything.

- Alex G, dad to Hannah

Erica recognizes that even if person A and person B ask the same question, the answer or solution for each may be dramatically different.

- Eva, mom to Jon

The class was incredible - we learned so much from you. I credit the great hospital staff, my patient doctor, but most importantly, what I learned in your class for helping me have such a successful delivery and birthing story.

- Christina, mom to Ada

Erica's teaching and book are truly precious. She sees and explains mysteries of birth that others often miss. She is clear-sighted, unbiased, vastly experienced and painfully honest -- she will help you make the very best choices for you in this exciting time.

- Dr Worth & Dr Mussali, OB-GYN, NYC

Erica's insight, experience and personality really helped me with adjusting to being a new mom, with all its challenges including fighting isolation, figuring out how to find enough sleep or finding my new role in life. I wish all new moms could know someone like Erica!

- Eva B, mom to Theresa

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